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MHUB S (8+8x8)

MHUB S the stackable matrix is HDA’s solution for larger premium residential projects and light commercial projects like, pubs, retail and hospitality installations, for example.

More affordable and easier than AV over IP, MHUB S is HDANYWHERE's complete solution for big AV + control projects.

Complete Kit


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Additional Information

Warranty 2
Colour Carbonite (Grey)
Input / Output Configuration 8x8
Hub Dimension (H/W/D) (mm) 440/362/88

Full Description

Designed to be super simple to install and setup via the uControl App, MHUB S features full control over all connected source and TV functions, including system-wide sequences such as ‘all on’ or ‘all off’, as well as sequence scheduling as a value-add, free onboard capability.

Fully functional

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Power washed

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Two Year

Sold with a special 2 Year Warranty.

What to expect?

All HDANYWHERE Certified Refurbished products complete a refurbishment process restoring the system back to a "like new" state. The only exception is that there might be very minor cosmetic damage to the casing or that the original packaging has been swapped for something plain.

  • Hardware will function "like new" and will be supplied with all accessories.
  • We will never certify hardware that does not work 100%.
  • All hardware will be cleaned as part of the certification process.
  • All software will be reset and updated to the latest versions.
  • Products may have minor cosmetic damage such as scratches, scuffs and or damaged packaging.
  • Hardware will be sold under a special 2 year warranty.