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MHUB U (4x1+1) (B1-Grade)

The MHUB U (4x1+1) also known as the MHUB Mini is the perfect matrix for smaller properties. Capable of displaying 4 devices to 2 different displays.
Complete Kit


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Additional Information

Warranty 2
Colour Carbonite (Grey)
Input / Output Configuration 4x1+1
Hub Dimension (H/W/D) (mm) 220/200/45

Full Description

  • Comes with updated Firmware and Software
  • 4k 40m / 1080p 70m
  • Works with uControl over Ethernet or WiFi
  • 1 x HDBT output and 1 HDMI output
  • Use up to 4 Source Devices and up to 2 Display Screens
  • IR Control
  • Complete kit comes with everything you need
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