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MHUB MAX (4x4)

Almost new/used Certified Refurbished MHUB MAX (4x4).

Distribute up to 4 sources to up to 4 displays.

Perfect for: Receptions, meeting rooms or combined with XTND.

Certified Refurbished Product with 2 Year Warranty.

Complete Kit


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Price £180.00 Regular Price £999.00


Additional Information

Warranty 2
Colour Carbonite (Grey)
Input / Output Configuration 4x4
Hub Dimension (H/W/D) (mm) 440/284/45

Full Description

The MHUB Max is an Ultra HD Premium 4K HDMI switcher designed to display four video devices on up to four screens. This matrix is the ultimate option for the purist who wants the best quality 4K image.

The MHUB Max 4x4 HDMI matrix supports HDMI 2.0 up to the maximum bandwidth of 18Gbps and also supports the following.

Sources can be switched using the supplied remote or for hands free convenience using Alexa.
The front controls of the MHUB Max are operated via a backlit touchpanel which adds to the attractiveness of the matrix.

The MHUB Max is ideal for places like media rooms where multiple sources need to be displayed on multiple screens. Distance between the MHUB and the screen is limited only by the length of the HDMI cable which can be as long as 100m if using the fibre optic version. Take a look at our range of HDMI cables


Fully functional

All products are sold fully operational.


Power washed

Our team will restore devices to almost new.


Two Year

Sold with a special 2 Year Warranty.

What to expect?

All HDANYWHERE Certified Refurbished products complete a refurbishment process restoring the system back to a "like new" state. The only exception is that there might be very minor cosmetic damage to the casing or that the original packaging has been swapped for something plain.

  • Hardware will function "like new" and will be supplied with all accessories.
  • We will never certify hardware that does not work 100%.
  • All hardware will be cleaned as part of the certification process.
  • All software will be reset and updated to the latest versions.
  • Products may have minor cosmetic damage such as scratches, scuffs and or damaged packaging.
  • Hardware will be sold under a special 2 year warranty.